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August 23, 2023

The Importance of Workplace Spirituality

The Challenges of Modern Leaders

Workplace spirituality—the support for ubuntu-based principles of connection—is closely connected with those organizations that clarify a meaningful purpose. Workplace spirituality is important to allow employees to define what is important to them in terms of belief and practice, as evidenced in this essay from Manage Magazine, excerpted, below.

The Ubuntuworks Resource Hub provides organizations and individuals with data, stories, studies and support for a more connected and compassionate world.

“In essence, we need to be motivated beyond paychecks and task performance. A combination of different approaches helps us to view spirituality from a new perspective.”

Below are some tips on workplace spirituality from Manage Magazine:

  • Work with your purpose and turn it into a brand agenda, which is about what you support your clients, customers, students, or alike in doing.
  • Make your purpose greater than the individual. Be deliberate about engaging a vision of betterment of mankind or the planet, or similar.
  • Avoid actions – at all levels and at all costs, that to your knowledge hurt people, organizations, or the planet.
  • Ensure that all managers are on board.
  • Accept that people are at different levels in terms of both spirituality and awareness.
  • Allow all employees to have mindful moments of stillness.

Originally published in Manage Magazine: https://managemagazine.com/article-bank/spiritual-leadership/workplace-spirituality-why-how-it-works-like-a-charm/

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