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January 20, 2024

Active Listening Skills Refresh – Podcast

Active listening is a skill that needs to be practiced. So says Harvard Business Review contributing editor Amy Gallo. In their 13-minute podcast, you’ll learn how you can use listening skills to make other people feel heard and understood, use different styles of listening to fit your goals, and ask thoughtful questions to deepen your conversation.

One of the main ubuntu principles that you can develop is a new set of active listening skills. Listening and really hearing someone can go a long way to mediating a conflict or smoothing a bumpy relationship.

5 new listening style questions

If you’re active listening style has been to make eye-contact, nod and signal interest, then repeat back what the person has said, you could use a brush up on your listening skills. In this quick podcast episode, Gallo gives us 5 new questions to ask as we talk with someone that takes into account the relationship and what might be unsaid.

Listen to this episode at the Harvard Business Review.

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