Creating a more connected & resourceful tomorrow.

The Ubuntuworks Project collaborates with organizations and individuals on research and strategies to move us locally and globally toward an era of ubuntu. Won't you join us?

Listen Deeply

Enhancing our active and compassionate listening deepens our understanding and offers more creative solutions.

Respect Others

Seeing through the eyes of others and adopting respectful communication leads to more peaceful relations.

Find Common Ground

Finding shared concerns helps us recognize that we are dependent and accountable to one another. 

What we do

The era of ubuntu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu described ubuntu as the essence of our interconnected human nature—realizing that I am, only because you are. Non-dominant cultures around the world share this guiding ethos. If we operate from what unites us rather than what separates us, we can envision and activate a new tomorrow.

The Resource Hub provides organizations and individuals interested in a more connected and compassionate world with data, stories, studies and support for the importance of ubuntu-based principles in our world.

Each human being has something to teach and something to learn, and all of us are equipped to be effective and ethical leaders for positive change.

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Ubuntu Leaders Academy

Relationship building is at the heart of ubuntu, which emphasizes the vital connections between individuals and community.

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The Rumi Foundation

Research shows that acts of kindness promote well-being, counteract burnout, and lower turnover rates in the workplace.

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Love and Kindness at Work

Discover a transformative book that explores the profound impact of mindfulness practices on children and communities.

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Empowering Children through Mindfulness

A new school of thought

Teacher training

Teachers have been locked into teaching to the “aptitude" test. Our teacher training supplements their efforts with critical thinking, imagination, ubuntu principles, and social consciousness.

Curriculums for Educational Institutions

The Ubuntuworks Project brings together educators skilled in ubuntu-based principles to craft curriculums for educational institutions. Join us in this creative and essential process.

The Ubuntuworks School

Taught by leaders in the field of creative change, the Ubuntuworks School provides training for individuals and professionals on infusing ubuntu-based principles into our schools, workplaces, corporations, and the practice of law.

why we do it

Our mission to succeed

The Ubuntuworks Project, a 501 (c)(3) educational organization, infuses ubuntu-based principles into our schools, workplaces, corporations and courtrooms, redefining our notions of success. Our Ubuntuworks worldwide community of organizations and individuals share research and strategies to make a difference and usher in an era of ubuntu locally and globally, strengthening  the efforts of everyone working to build a more relational-based world. 


Meet the Ubuntuworks Board

The international Ubuntuworks Project board: Eric Sirotkin, Dr. Kapil Narain, Joanne Lefrak, Raphael Chisubo Masesa, and Fernanda Guerra Machado.

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