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Mini-courses Online

Get a crash course on ubuntu-based principles with an online Ubuntuworks Mini-course. These are multi-part, short courses with video, podcasts and articles curated from the Ubuntuworks Resource Hub to expand your awareness of important concepts in topics such as healthy workplaces, restorative justice, and integrative law. You can start right now. Our first course, "Ubuntu Principles for a Healthy Workplace" is ready for you. Click here for instant access.

Teacher Training

A new era of educators

The Ubuntuworks Project 2023  is preparing  a teacher training program for educators to learn creative methods to teach ubuntu-based principles to their students and to integrate them into their existing coursework.


Curriculums for Educational Institutions

The Ubuntuworks Project helps educational institutions through seminars and courses to integrate ubuntu-based principles into their pedagogical programming. Topics include: Ubuntu principles around the world; Active listening; Peaceful conflict resolution; Restorative justice; The science of compassion and empathy; and From the classroom to the  streets—Changing how we relate as humans.

The Ubuntuworks School

Teaching conflict resolution

A school to share ideas and train students and professionals in ubuntu-based principles. Currently, we are offering live and self-study CLE courses on "Creative Tools for Lawyering."

The Resource Hub provides organizations and individuals interested in a more connected and compassionate world with data, stories, studies and support for the importance of ubuntu-based principles in our world.

To help employees feel fully included at work, employers can address these four factors.

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Survey: Inclusion in the Workplace

Empathy refers to how we recognize and respond to other people’s emotions and experiences. When workplace leaders practice empathy, especially through active listening, they can help break down barriers that prevent true connection among coworkers. As a main principle of ubuntu, active listening encourages communication and collaboration, two key elements of a thriving workplace. The Ubuntuworks

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Humanity at Work

Realizing the benefits of spirituality in the workplace will help employers and employees alike perform better in their roles.

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The Effects of Spirituality On The Workplace

The Challenges of Modern Leaders Workplace spirituality—the support for ubuntu-based principles of connection—is closely connected with those organizations that clarify a meaningful purpose. Workplace spirituality is important to allow employees to define what is important to them in terms of belief and practice, as evidenced in this essay from Manage Magazine, excerpted, below. The Ubuntuworks Resource Hub provides

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The Importance of Workplace Spirituality

If your heart or experience is in education, join our Ubuntu Education Development Project.

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