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Teacher Training

A new era of educators

The Ubuntuworks Project 2023  is preparing  a teacher training program for educators to learn creative methods to teach ubuntu-based principles to their students and to integrate them into their existing coursework.


Curriculums for Educational Institutions

The Ubuntuworks Project helps educational institutions through seminars and courses to integrate ubuntu-based principles into their pedagogical programming. Topics include: Ubuntu principles around the world; Active listening; Peaceful conflict resolution; Restorative justice; The science of compassion and empathy; and From the classroom to the  streets—Changing how we relate as humans.

The Ubuntuworks School

Teaching conflict resolution

A school to share ideas and train students and professionals in ubuntu-based principles. Currently, we are offering live and self-study CLE courses on "Creative Tools for Lawyering."

If your heart or experience is in education, join our Ubuntu Education Development Project.

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The Resource Hub provides organizations and individuals interested in a more connected and compassionate world with data, stories, studies and support for the importance of ubuntu-based principles in our world.

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