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October 4, 2023

Purpose and Community at Work

In 2021, the American workforce changed dramatically; record numbers of employees left their jobs. Now dubbed The Great Resignation, the sea change left many people wondering about the future of work. What hasn’t changed, however, is the need for workers to feel connected to and valued by those they work with and for. The ubuntu-based principles of active listening, interconnectedness, compassion, solidarity, and more are needed now more than ever to make the workplace a place of humanity.

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To Retain Employees, Give Them a Sense of Purpose and Community
Author: Ron Carucci
October 11, 2021
From Harvard Business Review


“Leaders determined to stem the tide of talent defections during the Great Resignation could be surprised to learn they’re barking up the wrong tree by simply throwing money or perks at the problem. The author spoke with six human resource executives from companies reporting that their organizations are not experiencing higher-than-normal attrition. Among the many insightful perspectives shared, three practices appeared to be universal across these companies. First, build a culture of solidarity. Then, let employees co-create the workplace experience. Finally, coach your managers on how to genuinely care for others. The author offers several ways to put those practices into action.”

Build a culture of solidarity

Working from home and the forced isolation of the pandemic caused many people to look inward, focusing on and often questioning the value and meaning of their work. Companies that didn’t have an established culture of solidarity prior to the pandemic, and therefore weren’t able to effectively communicate with employees about their value, struggled to build meaningful connections in the workplace and retain their employees.

The article’s author asked what practical things organizations had done to manifest cultures of solidarity, and they responded with three ideas:

  1. Make personal aspiration a routine part of manager conversations.
  2. Spotlight lived purpose in action.
  3. Double down on social connection for remote workers.

To learn more about retaining employees through purpose and community, visit https://hbr.org/2021/10/to-retain-employees-give-them-a-sense-of-purpose-and-community

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