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August 24, 2023

The Effects of Spirituality On The Workplace

Spirituality means different things to different people, but meaning and purpose are common threads. In the workplace, spirituality can lead to deeper engagement, increase diversity and inclusion, and encourage the ubuntu-based principle of connection. The article below from Chron.com outlines several things organizations can do to encourage spirituality and its positive outcomes.

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“The Effects of Spirituality On The Workplace”
Author: Anam Ahmed 
Updated November 09, 2020
From Chron.com


“Spirituality plays a large role in many people’s lives, regardless of what form it comes in. It’s directly related to how people feel in the workplace. Finding spirituality can help some people feel happier and more engaged at work, which leads to many benefits such as reduced turnover and absenteeism. Realizing the benefits of spirituality in the workplace will help employers and employees alike perform better in their roles. However, it’s also important for businesses to note that not all employees value spirituality or want to practice it in the workplace. Respecting this decision is also a good way to increase happiness in the workplace…

How to Encourage Spirituality in the Workplace

  • Business mission and values: Vantage Circle recommends clearly defining what the organization’s overall vision is, along with the mission and core values. This helps employees understand the purpose of the business and how it fits in with their own spiritual purpose. Communicate these important aspects of the business both internally and externally.
  • Diversity and inclusion training: In addition to teaching employees how to co-exist and respect other spiritual beliefs, it’s also vital to include other kinds of diversity such as gender, race, nationality and sexual orientation. Employees who feel safe and welcome at work will be able to perform more effectively. It’s vital to note that not all employees are spiritual or want to be spiritual at work. This in itself is a kind of diversity that needs to be respected. 
  • Create a spiritual environment: Many spiritual practices, such as meditation, mindfulness and prayer, require calmness and quiet. Foster spirituality at work with a dedicated space, such as a meeting room, where employees can go to reconnect with their spiritual side during a tense workday if they choose. Manage Magazine suggests giving employees moments of stillness where they can reflect inward, rather than constantly worrying about their output. 
  • Break the ice: Encourage employees to get to know one another on a more personal level. This way, employees can learn more about each others’ spiritual beliefs. They may even find new practices they can implement into their own lives. This is also a great way to find common ground between people with differing spiritual beliefs. 
  • Implement work-life balance policies: Help employees to reduce burnout and stress by encouraging them to take time off and disconnect from work. This way, they can spend more time with their families, in addition to practicing their spiritual traditions.”

To read more about spirituality in the workplace, visit https://work.chron.com/effects-workplace-spirituality-1162.html

Photo: Paolo Nicolello

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