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March 7, 2023

What Every Employee Needs to Know

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE —”Surviving and Thriving at Work: What Every Employee Needs to Know But is Afraid to Ask”

Eric Sirotkin’s readable book is a practical guide based on the lessons learned from a lifetime of counseling employees and litigating cases. It also includes his commitment to peacebuilding, examples of resolving conflict, and advice on how to build a skill set to improve your work environment.

Everyone knows someone who is struggling with their job. Few can afford litigation, either financially or emotionally, and taking the wrong step in response to an employer’s action can damage one’s career. “Surviving and Thriving at Work” presents creative ways to diffuse conflict and build a more fair, successful, and healthy work environment. This practical manual helps you navigate job interviews, family and medical leave, harassment issues, unemployment compensation, and build effective communication practices.

“Surviving” is aimed at employees, but if you are a manager, the stories and information contained in these short chapters will be a great resource to constructively empower your team for better dialogue and collaboration.

Purchase your copy of “Surviving and Thriving at Work” at Amazon.

Ask for your copy from your local bookstore.

Or purchase directly from Itasca Books.

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