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April 21, 2023

Hunhu and the Zimbabwean Education System

“Hunhu: In Search of an Indigenous Philosophy for the Zimbabwean Education System”

From the Journal of Indigenous Social Development

Authors: Oswell Hapanyengwi-Chemhuru, University of Zimbabwe; Ngoni Makuvaza, University of Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean education system needs at its foundation to move from Colonial Education to one based on the notion of Hunhu or Ubuntu.


The Zimbabwean education system is currently grounded in a philosophy of education that is alien. This means that the education that it offers to the majority of the people in Zimbabwe and the values that it inculcates are alien and cannot result in authentic existence. It is therefore essential to search for a philosophy that will bring relevance to the education system – an education system that emanates from the existential historical circumstances of the people. We argue that for the education system at any level to be relevant, it must have its foundations in the philosophy of hunhu. It is not being argued that the philosophy of hunhu be one of the philosophical foundations, but that it be the foundation of Zimbabwean education.

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Photo: trust-tru-katsande at unsplash

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