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May 1, 2023

Tomorrow’s Women

Tomorrow’s Women empowers young Israeli and Palestinian women to create change in areas of conflict and brings Israeli and Palestinian girls together for summer camp programs to build connection and understanding.

Tomorrow’s Women trains young women from Palestine, Israel, and the United States to be strong, compassionate leaders who partner to resolve conflicts and inspire action that promotes equality, peace, and justice for all.

Young Leader Program

Leadership begins with courage

Compassionate dialogue. Therapeutic art. Transformational connections.

Sixteen Israeli and Palestinian young women come together for an empowering, healing, and immersive three-week summer camp in the majestic mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Through life-altering dialogue sessions and creative art workshops, the young women have a safe space to:

-Share personal stories and histories
-Learn compassionate listening, authentic speaking, and leadership skills
-Gain an understanding of their peers living drastically different life experiences

Visit https://tomorrowswomen.org for more information.

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