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March 15, 2023

The Compassionate Listening Project (TCLP)

The Compassionate Listening Project (TCLP) endeavors to bring compassion to individuals and communities and to create cultures of peace and healing. We accomplish this through workshops, facilitator training, listening journeys and partnerships with humanitarian, social justice and peace-building groups. These offerings cultivate practices that hold courageous and generative space to bring people together across differences.

Guided by our commitment to listen and speak from the heart, we cultivate a living culture that grounds TCLP’s vision, principles, practices, and values. This culture embraces human dignity, equity, and inclusivity, as we aspire to expand our ability to authentically see each other as human beings. We humbly believe that this journey is a continual process of learning and unlearning.

Compassionate Listening is

  • A personal practice – to cultivate inner strength, self awareness, self regulation and wisdom
  • A skill set – to enhance interpersonal relations and navigate challenging conversation
  • A process – to bring individuals or groups together to bridge their differences and transform conflict
  • A healing gift – to offer a compassionate listening session to a person who feels marginalized or in pain

Read more at https://www.compassionatelistening.org/

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