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June 2, 2023

The Rumi Foundation

One of the main principles of the Ubuntuworks Project is relationship building, which includes international, cross-cultural, interfaith, and intergenerational connections. Relationships are at the heart of Ubuntu, which emphasizes the vital connections between individuals and community. Transformative collaborations and experiences are possible as organizational leaders around the world embrace the principles of Ubuntu.

The Ubuntuworks Resource Hub provides organizations and individuals interested in a more connected and compassionate world with data, stories, studies and support for the importance of Ubuntu-based principles in our world.

Relationship building at the Rumi Foundation

“At The Rumi Foundation we believe in the importance of identifying and nurturing talent in young people. Since 2006 the Foundation has served as the channel for the Verjee family’s support of a portfolio of initiatives in the UK and further afield increasingly linked by a common thread. With a focus towards education, innovation and entrepreneurship, we seek to support individuals with the capacity to become future leaders; and organizations capable of building a better future for us all.”

For example, The Rumi Foundation has partnered with Think Equal and The Vatican’s Scholas Occurrentes Foundation to launch the Re-imagine Education, a program that “provides children and young people worldwide with social and emotional education resources, giving them the knowledge and skills needed to lead an environmentally conscious life and to promote human rights, gender equality, peace, empathy and compassion in their communities.” Re-imagine Education was part of a larger program leading up to the 2020 Global Compact for Education summit.

The Rumi Foundation has also partnered with the Obama Foundation, sharing the vision for “more thoughtful, more compassionate and more empowered leaders in Europe and across the world”; Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying charity; Jamie’s Farm, which works with children at risk of exclusions, and many more.

Discover more at https://rumifoundation.com

Photo: Chang Duong

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Consider an Ubuntu Lifestyle

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